Catia Roranheim


Personality: Quiet and shy around large groups (groups of people equal to 30 or greater qualify as ‘large’ in her mind) but is somewhat talkative around people that she knows. Refuses to watch as other animal’s and her friends get hurt in front of her and will do everything she can to protect friends and even strange or hostile animal’s. Loves children.

Animal Lover: Catia loves all kinds of animal’s, being easily able to form a quick and strong bond with other animal’s with little difficulty.

Healer: Catia hates seeing fighting and will always do everything in her power to heal injuries and avoid deaths wherever it’s possible. Not even enemies or hostile animal’s are exempt from this rule. It is rare for her to strike with the intent to kill or seriously injure her opponent’s.

Aversion to Violence: Due tp an event in Catia’s past, she doesn’t like causing harm to other’s or striking them with lethal damage or intent to kill. Because of this, it is rare for her to pray for any offensive spells each morning, preferring instead to pray for her various selections of healing and utility spells.

Love of Performing (Singing): Catia loves nothing more than to sing into the night and soothe other’s pains and ailments with her singing. Though she is typically very shy about doing this in front of multiple people at once, she will happily do so in front of up to two people at once.

Weapon Finesse: Catia is able to use her Dexterity bonus instead of her Strength bonus when she performs an attack roll. Her Strength bonus is still used to determine the result of any attack damage rolls that she does however.

Trackless Step: Catia cannot leave tracks behind her, any of them that are left behind are magically covered up the moment they are made unless she chooses not to do so. As a result, Catia is very difficult to track.

Venom Immunity: Catia is immune to any and all poisons, never requiring a successful Fortitude save in order to negate infection from them.

*Woodland Stride: Catia no longer suffers any movement penalties due to rocky, overgrown or bushy areas and as such can move normally on said terrain.

Wild Shape (Size Small – Large): Catia is able to transform into any creature with the animal type or subtype that is size category Small to Large up to three times per day for up to one hour per respective Druid level. Each time Catia uses this ability it replenishes her health and stamina as if she had rested for the night and doing so during battle is a standard action that does not provoke an attack of opportunity.

Quick Draw: Catia can sheathe and unsheathe her weaponry and items as a free action rather than the usual standard action once every round.*__

Lightning Reflexes: Catia’s heightened natural reflexes grant her a +2 competence bonus on her Reflex Saving Throws.__


While Catia loved her sister to death, she always wound up competing with her for their parent’s affections. But then one day, her parents went out on a walk around the base of the Snowy Mountains with Kiria…..and they never came back. She waited for weeks turning into months for them to return but they never did. Finally she took it upon herself to venture out and look for them, only to find a trail of blood and a missing Kiria along their usual walking trail. She then ventured into the nearby woods to try and find her, presuming her parents dead and her sister missing. She found an old, blind elf in the forest that day as well, one who took pity on the poor child after hearing of her plight and taught her the ways of a druid. Never once during her training did she falter from her goal of venturing out around the world and trying to find her, hoping with all of her heart that one day the two of them would be re-united.

Upon venturing out to Aussir to negotiate an alliance with the Seju Clan, Catia finally re-united with her little sister Kiria and quickly started to bond with her and make up for loss time. Upon quickly finding out about the Seju Clan’s trouble with the nearby mine’s, she offered her services to help them clear it out. First impression’s with her younger sibling’s traveling group were not very great and she quickly fell out of their good grace’s before she could bat her eyes. She ventured inside of the mine with Kiria and her group and found a young monk named Dryura inside meditating. Upon further conversation with the young man, she quickly discovered that he was a mute. He was also very attractive to Catia and she quickly fell for the young man’s charms as did he for her. Upon the group’s decision to take the young man with them, Catia quickly fell even harder for him as he defended her with his life from the various creature’s and monster’s within the mine’s. She found comfort in his warmth and touch and as a result, the bond between the two of them blossomed quickly. Upon the completion of their mission to clear the Seju Clan’s mines, she stayed with Dryura a bit longer to talk to him about coming with her in her travels. He seemed hesitant at first and Catia told him that she would’ve understood if he had to stay behind to finish his training as a monk. But Dryura was not one to leave such a pretty young lady behind and he quickly made the decision to be her guardian and travel with her and the group. Upon his lead, she was taken to closed-off and private spot within the nearby trees that was even complete with a waterfall and plenty of nature. It was truly a small paradise for her and she relaxed almost completely upon being brought there. Upon her decision to try and sing for Dryura in an effort to solidify her place in his heart, the attempt succeeded and the two of them formed an extremely close bond and became mates.

Upon her sister’s mentioning of her worries of her own mate back in Rispa, Catia decided to tag along with her sister on her trip back to see her mate Flynn. Soon after the venture had begun, Catia was met with Kiria’s old master and teacher: Flintlock Terrel. Ever-worried about her sister’s safety upon finding out Flintlock’s intentions in Crater Falls was to exterminate the local wyvern infestations, she went along with her to stop him and save Nautila’s family from further harm. Later on the next night she was brought to the Castle in Rispa by a warning from Kiria’s animal companion and good friend Snowy the Arctic Wolf that his master was in danger. Quickly finding worry within the young wolf’s words, Catia woke Dryura and together the three of them made their way to the palace where she saw Kiria limping out of the castle, a large gash clawed out into her chest. Upon inspecting the injury and healing it, she discovered her younger sister’s intentions to bear Flynn’s family curse of Werewolf Lycanthropy. Reluctantly she agreed to help Kiria quell Flynn’s rage in his uncontrolled state and the attempt succeeded thanks to Dryura’s quick-thinking and help. Upon being told to investigate the damage that had been done to Kiria’s old master, she discovered that he lay dead and torn in half from the encounter in an effort to protect Kiria’s life. Upon Kiria’s discovery of this, she felt the great sadness well up from her sister’s emotions and mind and mourned greatly for the man’s loss to her. Later that night, the two of them gave Flintlock a proper burial in the castle’s guardian and went home to rest. The next morning it was discovered that Flintlock’s own Dire Wolf companion Gnashor had passed away in the night and Catia couldn’t find any words to express her sadness towards the situation she had been put in and asked Dryura for his help in burying the poor creature alongside its master.

Later on that week it was discovered that her little sister was pregnant with four pups and her motherly instincts towards Kiria’s safety were kicked into overdrive. With her induction into the Order of the Copper Dragon now behind her and a night of firm and wonderful relaxation ahead, what future lies in wait for this young girl? Only time will tell……

Catia Roranheim

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