Garm Brimagh

Quick and Nimble, Garm dashes through the battlefield and easily catches his foes off-guard.


Garm’s appearance closely resemble’s his father’s, despite being Half-Tiefling. He wears a Mithril Chainshirt beneath his clothes detectable only when his clothes are torn.


Garm Brimagh is the Son to a Fire-Elf, Blastion, and a Succubus, Melina. Born as a Lesser Tiefling, he does not show many common features of a normal Tiefling, although he does inherit a tail, and the appearance and longevity of a Fire Elf and has reached adulthood around the same time a Human would.

Because his father knew of the dangers that the world had to offer, he requested his son to start training in the Arts of Combat, more specifically: Magic; however, Garm didn’t show much interest in spellcasting or anything similar to it. He, instead, found more comfort from watching battles from a distance, studying movements and strategies. He found that the most effective element to a battle is to Surprise an Opponent. Knowing this, he decided to train in the Arts of Stealth and Melee Combat. He found that the best weapon for both was the infamous Dagger; however, a mere dagger had weaknesses. The way a dagger is gripped forces the wielder to curve their wrist to attack his/her foe. Garm found that the Katar didn’t have this problem, since the wielder merely has to lunge or sweep his/her arm. Ultimately, he chose the Katar for it’s versatility and speed, versus it’s natural predecessor.

“I’m training to get stronger to defend my friends and family. If there’s one thing my Father taught me that I hold dear to me, it’s to grow stronger both physically and emotionally. Because if you’re weak, you cannot defend anyone. Through the arts of stealth and tactics, I train myself to detect weakness… only so that I can find my own.”


Blastion (Father) and Melina (Mother)


Garm Brimagh

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