Nautila Harmonia

The Sea Dragon bard



Health: 62/62
~Damage Reduction 2/adamantium

Str: 10 (0)
Dex: 11 (
Con: 11 (0)
Int: 16 (
Wis: 11 (0)
Cha: 25 (

Armor Class
AC: 15
F.F: 15
Touch: 10


Reflex: 6
Will: 10
Fortitude: 10


Base Attack Bonus: 7/2
Grapple: +9

Run- 30ft
Swim- 30ft


Blood Blade- 2 Longsword 1d82 (crit: 19-20 x2) Slashing
~DC 17 fort. save or opponent becomes frenzied
~DC 15 fort. or Grievous Wounds

Composite Long Bow- 1d8 (crit: 20 x3) Piercing
~110ft Range

Lance- 1d8 (crit: 20 x3) Piercing
~10 ft reach
~Crit: x3 on charge

Bite- 1d6 (crit: 20 x2)
~DC 22 fort. save See Poisonous Bite
~1d4 Constitution Damage

Fire Breath- 2d6 fire damage (30ft cone) Recharge time- 1d4 rounds


Songs Available:

Song of Healing- Heals allies within a 30 radius for 1d4+ charisma modifier. Can heal poisoning, but a 16 or higher must be rolled on a d20. Once a Day only.

Song of Acrobatics: Gives allies a +5 morale bonus on reflex saves for 1d4 rounds.


Special Qualities

Enchanting Song: (Charm Monster 3/Day) DC 15

Alternate Form: To hide her true form, she tends to walk around as a long blue haired, pale blue eyed elf. This wouldn’t normally attract attention, but Elves don’t normally have blue hair. She has recently figured this out.

Bloodlust: Sirens crave fresh blood, and will take it any way they can get it. If a siren doesn’t get at least a half-pint of blood to drink every 24 hours, she becomes Hostile, suffering a −2 charisma penalty and must make a will save DC 15 or treat anyone who interacts with her with unprovoked aggression. She may likely attack, interfere, berate, or avoid others as she sees fit.

Amphibious: She can breathe in water and air.

Poisonous Bite: (Sirenum Poison) If a siren hits with her bite attack, she may choose to inject her poison. Any humanoid, Fey or giant injected with a siren’s poison must succeed on a DC 15+ Cha Fortitude save or become nauseated for 1d4 minutes. One hour later, the victim must make a second save, at the same DC or contract Sirenum. A natural siren can only produce enough poison for one bite every 24 hours.


N is a young bard who is eager to see what the world has to offer. She loves her skills as a performer and will perform at any chance she can get. Her talents include vocals, the lyre, the flute, and dancing. She always wears a mask, only taking it off to sleep and when she washes off. She hates performing without it, and will refuse to do so unless she is allowed to wear her mask.

She also likes the color combo of blue and white (hence her outfit) and adores roses. She always keeps a blue one pinned to the front of her outfit. N also has a pair of wings, but they are too small to actually give her flight. At most, they help her in her performances by giving a little extra style. Does not like eye contact.


Born in an underwater sea cave, N is a natural Siren who set out on her own in search of something more. She has traveled far (leaving a body or two in her wake) in hopes of doing something with her musical talents.

She was ridiculed by her school (group) for her obsession with the world on land, as well as the fact that she tried to prove herself worthy to everyone many times, but failed. She wears a mask to hide her face, feeling ashamed of who she is. Many times, her school disregarded her interests as a mere phase, saying that the water is where she belongs, not where the air breathers reside. She stood in front of her father and mother, the leaders of her school and demanded to be able to traverse the land of the air breathers. Her family did not approve of this, but they knew that she would eventually leave anyway. They warned her of the incredible dangers of this new world, but N still persisted to go.

With her parents’ reluctant blessing, and high hopes, N set off on her journey to travel across the above water world. As she left, she heard her mother say with disgust: “She’ll never make it there, or back here.” She managed to make it to the Surface world and has been able to live off her earnings as a travelling entertainer by using her Siren voice, but the road has been getting tougher and tougher to travel.

She was ready to give up and go back to the water, when she met Garm; a Fire Elf. Shortly after, they met Maladrin and Khaugh.

Before she joined the party she’s currently in, she was completely solo, trying to make a living by performing in different towns for money and food.


N was once a cheerful girl who had a darker side then most. Now, because she bound her soul to that of a red dragon, she has become more prideful and stubborn. She has become wary of those around her, but will fight to the very end in order to protect what she loves. Don’t bleed in front of her or pour water on her. She’ll get pretty scary, pretty fast.

Due to her father’s recent death at the hands Of her new brother-in-law, Orthos, Nautila has taken up her father’s blade and swore to have Orthos’s head impaled upon it. Who’s to say that her dad’s view of death hasn’t rubbed off on her…

Nautila now sees life as something incredibly valuable; something that shouldn’t be taken for granted, and she now wishes to find a way to keep Seth from meeting his untimely demise. Se also sees Death as something that cannot be avoided once it is your time, of course. Until then, she will continue to protect her family and friends as her father did, even if that means making a few heads roll…

She has begun to doubt herself and her abilities. With new additions to the party, she feels obsolete, and on several occasions, not needed. She tries to help when she can, but usually ends up failing to do so, leading to disappointment in herself. Nautila fears that soon, she won’t have a place in the party.


Nautila is currently carrying two kids; one boy and one girl. It is said that they will take 12 years to be born, but due to certain circumstances, they will arrive early (2 years). She awaits their arrival eagerly.


“I’m either gonna die a hero, or live long enough to watch myself become the villain…”

“Elf, demon, fish monster… None of it really matters. We may all be different, but if you think about it, we’re all the same. I see that the circumstances of one’s birth are irrelevant. It’s what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are…”



Main theme: Music Box

Inspire Courage: Shingeki no Kyoujin OP1

Nautila’s Lullaby: Carry on Wayward Son

Winning Theme: Roar

Losing Theme: Game Over

Wedding Song: I SAY YES

Dying Theme: Safe and Sound

What Nautila’s theme would become is Seth were to die: Red Like Roses

Nautila Harmonia

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